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How China’s leading insurer streamlined customer experiences with Intelligent Automation (IA)

Background Overview

Taiping Life Insurance is a leading insurer for life and general insurance, with 37 branch offices. A subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Group Co. Ltd, the company entered the Fortune Global 500 list for the first time in 2018, with its ranking improving ever since. The company was processing a high volume of paper documents such as claims forms, policy documents, and invoices, and was finding it increasingly difficult to manage the documents efficiently. They recognized the need to implement a document management solution to streamline their processes and reduce their paper-based processes.


The nature of work in insurance industry is such that one would find them self immersed in mammoth-sized paper and digital records, which need a lot of sorting and sifting before one finds the information that is needed.


Ad-hoc document management policy can lead to inefficiency, document control problems, lack of good customer service and more serious consequences in near future. Let’s take an example of a mid-sized insurance agency that did not adopt document management system. This agency had stored paper documents in a safe vault, which could be accessed only by a few authorized personnel. If a junior relationship executive wanted some information, he had to rely on authorized relationship manager to fetch him that information. Policy statements and certain documents were scanned but the staff had no clue how to access the digital documents. If a customer called with a query, he would be asked to wait for a few hours to a day before they could return with the required information. Even then, the staff was not well equipped to answer all enquiries. Result: Customer did not renew his policy and went to the competitor.


In 2022, The client chose Quantic Solutions’ A.I powered Document Management Solution running on 3 core engines – intelligent workflow automation, intelligent document capture (IDC), and robotic process automation (RPA) along with the enterprise mobility framework.

  • Using Quantic Solutions’ intelligent platform suite, the client automated its underwriting process. The solution enabled smarter decision making, automatic creation of rating sheets, seamless integration with the core insurance system, and centralized processing and monitoring.
  • Quantic Solutions’ platform suite enabled the company to create, capture, manage, deliver, and archive large volumes of documents across all offices. The solution facilitated anytime, anywhere access to policy documents for all customers. It effectively managed customer data, from creation/recording, storage, and retrieval to Additionally, the solution digitized the departmental files and critical administrative workflows for more than 25 departments across the central, 8 zonal, and 30+ divisional offices.


The implementation of the document management solution resulted in the following benefits for the insurance company:

  • Improved efficiency: The document management solution eliminated the need for manual sorting and filing of documents, which improved the efficiency of the company’s document management processes.
  • Increased productivity: The automated workflows allowed staff members to focus on more productive tasks, which increased productivity across the organization.
  • Space savings: By digitizing their documents, the company was able to free up valuable office space previously used for document storage.
  • Improved customer service: With easier access to information, staff members were able to respond more quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries and requests, improving customer service.
  • Enhanced security: The document management software provided enhanced security features that helped the company protect their sensitive information and comply with regulatory requirements.