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Top Document Management Trends for 2023

Document management has come a long way. From heavy folders & rusty filing cabinets to cloud-based document management systems, we have arrived at a far more technologically advanced way of managing documents. All these advancements have been possible due to the continuous development of document management solutions over the past decade.


Document management solutions aim to resolve customer grievances. Some grievances like the inability to find documents are as old as time, while some like the need for version control or two-step authentication are relatively new but are equally important in today’s digital workplace. And that is why document management system need to keep up with upcoming document management trends. With that in mind, here are some document management trends that have gained popularity in 2023.

Top Document Management Trends for 2023

Increased adoption of cloud-based document management system


Organizations continue to shift towards remote work and digital transformation. That is why document management system like EZOFIS are gaining popularity, due to their ability to offer flexibility, scalability, and remote access. Cloud-based document management system are also a more favourable option because you do not need to worry about upgrades, server maintenance and backup. This is all handled by the service provider.


Emphasis on data security and privacy


The rise of cyber threats and data breaches has forced businesses to focus more on implementing robust security measures and compliance protocols like data encryption & tracking, that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their documents and data.


Adoption of AI & machine learning


AI and machine learning technologies are already being used in document management system to automate manual tasks, improve data accuracy, and enable intelligent document processing. This trend is going to continue in the coming years as these technologies become more advanced & necessary.


Automation of day-to-day processes


Automation can speed up & improve day-to-day document processes like indexing, classification, and data extraction. With the continued development of new technologies, more document management system is incorporating automation-based solutions to improve their product offerings.


Collaboration with communication tools


In an increasingly digital workplace, document management system is integrating more with communication tools such as emails and instant messaging apps to improve team collaboration and productivity.


Adoption of RPA


Robotic process automation is simply another feature of EZOFIS that can be instructed to interact with other applications, just as your colleagues would. EZBOT can automatically carry out routine document management tasks, so your teams can focus on new projects, challenging queries and building your business.


Increased use of mobile solutions


With the rapid growth of mobile devices, more employees want to access and manage documents on the go through mobile document management applications. This trend is particularly important for remote workers who need to access documents from outside the workplace.


Importance of e-signatures


Electronic signatures have been around for some time, but they are becoming increasingly popular as businesses shift to remote work & organizations recognize e-signatures as valid markers of acceptance. They are secure and legally binding, making them an essential tool for companies looking to speed up their document processes.


Integration with other software


Document management system that can integrate with other software, such as CRM or ERP system continue growing in popularity. Multi-system integration helps organizations streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

Overall, the document management landscape is likely to continue evolving rapidly in the coming years, driven by new technologies and changing business needs. And although more research is required to estimate what trends will come up in the next few years, businesses will certainly need to adapt to the upcoming document management trends to find success in the future.

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