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How EZOFIS Dashboard Improves Data Analytics

EZOFIS Dashboard is a unique feature that allows you to track, review & analyze user activity in real-time, with tabs such as Documents Added, Documents Checked-in, Connected Users, Average Workflow Completion Time & Workflow Instances. Sounds complicated? Let us simplify it for you. Think about our Dashboard as the home screen of your favourite social media app. On the home screen, you can easily watch user activity (reels, posts, stories), view notifications (likes, comments, notifications, friend requests) and make a quick guess on which of your friends have been active on the app over the past few hours. EZOFIS Dashboard is just like that.


EZOFIS Dashboard tells you how many documents were added, how many documents are checked-in, how many users are connected to the system & more. In its essence, EZOFIS Dashboard is a brief compilation of user & document activity that allows you to review ongoing processes & make appropriate estimates for the future. Here are some of the key features of the Dashboard.


Documents Added


Documents Added tells you the number & type of documents added over a period. Let’s say you want to see the number & type of documents added to EZOFIS in the last 30 days. To view that, you simply need to go to the Dashboard, select Documents Added & choose the period as the last 30 days.


EZOFIS will display the following:

  • Total number of documents added in the last 30 days
  • Types of documents added (Invoices, Reports, Plans, Documents, etc)
  • Number of documents added within an individual document type (30 Invoices, 50 Reports, etc)

See how to add documents to EZOFIS


Documents Checked-in


Documents Checked-in tells you how many documents were checked-out for editing and checked back into EZOFIS after the changes were made. This will give the managers a brief idea of how many documents were checked into the system today. For instance, documents checked in will tell you that 10 agreements, 3 reports and 5 documents without any document type were edited & checked back into EZOFIS today.


Connected Users


In simple terms, the feature tells you the total no. of users connected to EZOFIS at any given time. Other than that, it also tells you the user’s login date & time, the application to which the user is logged in, and the level of access given to the user.


Workflow Instances


Workflow Instances give you a breakdown of how many workflow instances were started, completed, cancelled, or stopped during a certain period. Workflow instances help you calculate data metrics like Workflow Efficiency (no. of instances finished to no. of instances initiated) & Error Percentage (no. of errored instances to no. of instances initiated), which allows you to make suitable estimates for future workflow plans.


Average Workflow Completion Time


Average Workflow Completion Time basically tells you how much time, on average, your organization takes to complete an entire workflow process. Let’s say you have two workflow processes: invoice approvals & project plan approvals, both of which are initiated and approved by different teams. Average Workflow Completion Time tells you how much time, on average, it takes to collectively complete these two processes, as well as the time it takes to complete the processes individually. This allows you to identify which workflow processes are taking up more time and make changes to suit organizational needs.


Average Workflow Task Completion Time


Average Workflow Task Completion Time tells you the average time you take to complete an individual workflow task, like the time it takes to secure the approval of the first person in an approval process or the time it takes to get your manager to e-sign documents. Average Workflow Task Completion Time helps you understand which workflow tasks take up more time, and allows you to refine the process and decrease the time it takes to complete individual workflow tasks.

That is all about our Dashboard. It’s easy to use & allows you to stay up-to-date with ongoing user activity. But why take our word for it? Come & experience the wonders of EZOFIS V5 with a 30-day free trial or write to us at ask@quanticslt.com for more info.

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