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How Document Management Improves Collaboration in the Workplace

In a digital workplace, collaboration occurs when people work together to achieve a common goal. Teams can collaborate in many ways depending on the project they are working on. Furthermore, many organizations are shifting to a hybrid model of working. However, there are a few challenges that organizations face to blend in-office and remote workers and accomplish their business objectives.


Document collaboration has become increasingly important in today’s ever-changing workplace. EZOFIS by Quantic Solutions is an AI-powered document management and collaboration software that offers real-time document collaboration tools for multiple users working on the same document. It eliminates the need for unnecessary paper trials, email chains, and overwriting of the original documentation for maximum efficiency. It also bridges the gap between geographic locations and allows external and internal employees to co-work on projects.


In this blog, we will introduce document collaboration and cover a few document collaboration tools available in EZOFIS to improve team collaboration.

What is Document Collaboration?

Document or file collaboration refers to tools or systems that help your team work together on an electronic document from anywhere in the world. Today, the best online document collaboration tools provide a user with a document-centric collaboration experience by allowing them to tag documents and make content-specific comments as well as keep track of version history and all comments and activities related to a document. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are relying less on emails and more on file sharing and document collaboration tools.

Why do you need collaboration in the workplace?

Document management software with collaboration tools enables teams to work together effectively.  Here are four good reasons why you should use document collaboration tools.

Saves Time

Time management is important in business. The more time you save, the less money you waste, and the better it is for your business. Collaboration among employees makes it possible to complete the goals faster than would be possible otherwise. Using collaboration tools saves not just time & money but also resources and efforts.

Improves Organization

The process of keeping documents and tasks in order has always been a challenge for businesses. Because everything is in a mess, it is difficult to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done with project workflows. Collaborative tools help in maintaining order and managing the stages in workflows through open communication and coordination among concerned participants and teams.

Improves Remote and Co-located Team Collaboration

The document management system provides a central location for all documents, records, and other metadata information. This helps your team members to stay on the same page, no matter when or where they work. They can easily annotate, route, and take decisions based on the same document, reducing errors and streamlining collaboration.

Good Customer Experience

The benefit of collaboration is extended to customers as well. File sharing and collaboration among team members is possible using document management software. Spending less time on finding, uploading, or sharing documents, they can quickly address and follow-up on customer cases and improve experiences for the next customer.

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