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EZOFIS Document Management Software for Law Firms

The legal industry is one of the most document-intensive businesses, placing enormous demand on law firms to rapidly and effectively manage documents. Without great enterprise document management systems, businesses are likely to make more errors, be less efficient, and fail to provide exceptional customer experiences. On the other side, practices with superior law firm document management processes are likely to earn more clients, attract top staff, increase profitability, reduce risk, and improve their reputation.


Ezofis provides intelligent document management with OCR that will ease case management, file indexing, eDiscovery, and contract lifecycle management while significantly increasing productivity.

The advantages of document management software (DMS) for legal firms

Understanding the possible return on investment (ROI) when investing in document management systems and document control software can help legal companies transition to digital solutions. Here are the four most significant advantages of document management solutions for legal firms.


Meet deadlines with greater ease


Several systems are utilized by numerous businesses to manage casework, track workloads, and monitor deadlines. Switching between platforms frequently may result in missed deadlines. With the appropriate digital document management technology, businesses may automate workflows to meet deadlines, even when processes involve the participation of several collaborators.


Documents at your fingertips


It is essential to have client case information readily available and up to date. By centralizing client files on a single platform, law firm document management software can make pertinent papers quickly accessible to attorneys during client interactions. By entering case details or a client’s name, a superior document management application will display all pertinent information on-screen.


Improve productivity using metadata and AI


Document management solutions that utilize metadata make it simple to locate legal papers and eliminate the need to spend hours sifting through documents to get the desired information. Advanced software like Ezofis uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) features such as IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), which also uses computer vision, to analyze documents and extract pertinent data, making document classification a snap.


Facilitate remote work


Law professionals frequently work outside the office, either on-site with clients or in court. Accessing, filing, and processing client documents is crucial for productivity and case management. The optimal document management solution should facilitate file access from any location, on any device, at any time.

Ezofis’s DMS features

Quick search and retrieval


Staff can quickly pinpoint and find the correct document – no matter where it resides – by searching on one or more criteria with Ezofis.


Collaboration and sharing are simple.


Ezofis makes it simple to consult with outside counsel and securely share data, contracts, and other documents. Documents can be annotated and redlined by multiple users at the same time.


Version control that works


Ezofis maintains one authoritative version of each document, removing the confusion that can occur when multiple files are emailed back and forth. When changes are made to a document, historical copies are kept, making it simple to revert to an earlier version when necessary.


Document management on the go


Because lawyers and staff members spend a significant amount of time away from the office, Ezofis offers a mobile client that allows access to documents at any time, from anywhere in the world, on any device.


Optical character recognition (OCR) and scanning


Ezofis makes scanning documents and creating fully searchable PDF files of anything from case files to contracts and invoices simple.


Encouragement for a paperless office


Ezofis contributes to the realization of the paperless law firm by eliminating the need for (and expense of) filing cabinet rooms.

Advantages of using Ezofis for law firm document management

Reduce the complexity of contract lifecycle management.


Manual contract management takes a lot of time and resources. Contract lifecycle management is a breeze with Ezofis’s automated workflows, dynamic contract templates, and version tracking. Ezofis workflows efficiently and securely route contracts from draught to approval and signature, saving time and allowing attorneys to easily meet deadlines.


Case management is simplified.


Ezofis simplifies case management by consolidating all documents and related matters into a single view. Ezofis’s advanced OCR technology and custom metadata functionalities can help locate and contextualize documents related to specific cases or legal matters even when they are scattered in email strings, network folders, and software applications.


Ezofis can be integrated with everyday tools.


Ezofis is simple to integrate with standard productivity software, such as MS Office, DocuSign and AdobeSign. This saves law firms from having to migrate documents to a new system. And legal professionals can continue to use their favorite applications and tools to search for documents within the Ezofis system.


Supports eDiscovery


Ezofis assists legal teams with all five categories of eDiscovery tasks: plan, preserve, prepare, review, and share.


Book a DMS demo today, and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs. We can be reach at ask@quanticslt.com.

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