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Digital Workflow Automation

What is Digital Workflow?

A workflow is a sequence of goal-oriented tasks in a business system, from start to finish, manual or automated, via humans or systems.


It is often used to map out the progress of a service or project from beginning to end in an easy-to-follow and understandable manner.


A digital workflow, on the other hand, is a series of actions that utilize computers and software for replacing the need for manual or paper-based business processes, especially repetitive ones. Unlike manual workflows that rely on humans at every stage, digital workflows are generally automated to save time and increase efficiency.

Benefits of Digital Workflow System

No matter your company size or industry, a digital workflow system can benefit you in several ways. From eliminating the risk of human errors to decreasing redundancies, here are some notable advantages of implementing a digital workflow:


  • Increased Productivity

With a digital workflow system, not only can you keep a better eye on the status of a document or project but also identify bottlenecks that are hurting productivity. Also, there is no need to manually track documents while they pass between different users and departments.


  • Enhanced Process Transparency

Transparency is essential in every business. Defining users and tasks in a digital workflow system makes every participant aware of their priorities and responsibilities. Each member assigned to the workflow is visibly accountable for completing their tasks on or before time. Thus, digital workflow automation promotes transparency and accountability by providing a highly collaborative work environment.


  • Error Reduction

Operating with no error is nearly impossible for humans. Generally, the more people are involved in a business process, the higher the chances of errors and inconsistency.

A digital workflow system enforces business rules, sets alerts for errors, and minimizes the need for individual data inputs. Automating business processes reduces the scope of human errors that are Indispensable in manual processes, thereby improving data quality.


  • Insight Into Business Processes

With digital workflow software, you can check on the status of any process as an end-user quickly and easily. For example, you can see the status of your vacation request or even submit an expense report to your manager in real-time. And as a manager, you can get valuable insight into your organization’s workflows to identify bottlenecks before they become a bigger problem.


  • Increased Cost Efficiency

Accuracy and efficiency equal cost savings. Digital workflow automation helps save the costly hours spent tracking down and fixing mistakes. Moreover, automating administrative tasks enables you to save money that you would otherwise spend on office supplies. As tasks like filing, invoicing, and onboarding become digital, you need less paper, printer ink, and physical storage space, significantly reducing operational costs.


  • Improved Customer Service

Physical workflows can slow down customer interactions or even spoil them. A digital workflow system facilitates faster communications and business processes, helping you provide better customer service. For instance, you can deliver projects on time and respond to support requests faster with a digital workflow system.


  • Start Automating Your Workflows Today

No matter your industry, department, or business size, leverage the benefits of digital workflow automation with EZOFIS, an on-premise and cloud-based document management software you can access from your browser, desktop, and mobile apps. Request a free, no-obligation yet comprehensive demo today to see how quickly and efficiently you can automate your workflow. Write to us at ask@quanticslt.com for a free demo today.

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