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4 Reasons EZOFIS Is More Sustainable Than the Average Cloud-Based DMS

The climate is changing at an alarming rate. Mock weather forecasts for 2050 are coming true today! We can’t change the world, but we can change things at a granular level.


We start with our document management system (DMS) and dive into the reasons Ezofis is more sustainable than the average cloud-based DMS.

Sustainability is good for business

Companies worldwide are actively investing in greener solutions, which ends up saving money down the line. Companies also benefit from government subsidies and tax reliefs as incentives for going green.


In fact, studies show that customers are willing to pay extra to support sustainable brands.

How is EZOFIS Is More Sustainable Than the Average Cloud-Based DMS?

1. Reduce Carbon Footprint


A DMS is better for the environment than a paper-based office, or even an on-premise solution, check this infographic on why you should go paperless.


Ezofis can mitigate these issues through a sustainable, carbon neutral cloud solution that can reduce paper dependency.


2. Reduction in Waste


With fewer printed documents, your business not only stops wasting actual paper but also consumes less power than on-premise solutions.


A printer cartridge takes one thousand years to disintegrate in a landfill completely. We’ve already gone over just how dangerous paper is. All of those concerns completely disappear with Ezofis.


DMS assists businesses in minimizing their participation in this environmentally damaging behavior.


3. Reduction in Costs


As a result of adopting sustainable business practices and implementing a DMS to automate document retrieval, expenses are decreased.


Most business decision-makers connect adopting environmentally friendly practices with increased costs. In contrast, the opposite is true. When your paper and ink consumption declines, the demand for technical support to address print services will also diminish, the same can be said with many on-premises solutions.


When you no longer need to file printed papers since they are stored electronically, your firm requires less physical space. By reducing the need for in-house solutions and support you free your company up to reducing unnecessary room occupation in your office as well. This will begin to show in both short- and long-term financial benefits, be it a reduction in logistical and electrical costs, to more room to develop human resource.


4. Improved Workflow


As an added benefit of transferring documents to electronic systems, your entire firm will experience increased efficiency. When document storage is automated, it is considerably simpler to identify errors, correct them, and return the material to its original source for correction or final approval. In contrast, with paper-based documents, adjustments are performed manually, and new versions and modifications must be made. In addition, your company will save time when approving documents due to the fact Ezofis’s DMS software permits electronic signatures through its DocuSign integration, which regulatory agencies approve.

What Else You Get with a Document Management System (DMS)

Cloud storage: DMS’s provide additional cloud storage for all their users, which means that you’ll have an additional sizeable storage capacity and can access these documents from anywhere.


Better Search with Multilingual OCR: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a document management software that has a sophisticated live-search capability, allowing you to search documents not only by the file name and metadata, such as keywords, but also by the content of the files. An OCR is also capable of searching PDFs, Docx files, and even screenshots and document scans.


Integrations: With document management systems you get a plethora of integrations that make things much easier for you. These can range from automation integrations, business suits such as Office 365, e-signature integrations and more.


Automation: Through a DMS you can automate your business processes however you want, which in turn will increase workflow, improve collaboration, at the same time saving your company precious time and effort.


Document Numbering, Notifications & Audit Trails: A DMS will automatically number documents based on the schemes you define. Configure and get automatic notifications whenever documents or folders are modified. While audit trial records each user’s actions for accountability, every action is logged.


Custom Metadata & File Linking: By using a DMS you can add tags, notes, a date and a due date to your documents to help organise them. You may easily create your own custom metadata fields, including lists, checkboxes, and more. Additionally, you can link files to establish relationships between documents in distinct folder hierarchies. Metadata templates may also be defined at the folder level.


Better Security: You’ll be glad to know that all of your data is triple-backed up and bank-level encrypted in the cloud document management system, where it is securely stored and exchanged through an SSL layer.

Go Paperless with EZOFIS

If you have any doubts about paperless because converting all your documents to digital format is may be difficult or time-consuming, then this will be the last thing on your mind when working with a DMS. There may be many DMS’s out there but Ezofis provides the most seamless migration from physical storage to cloud. You can scan, organise, and store your documents easily using our award-winning user-friendly platform.


Ezofis believes the transition process should be well-planned and conducted uniformly, with a realistic timeframe in place to ensure that no documents are lost, as such our support teams will assist you in any manner possible. Book a DMS demo today, and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs. We can be reach at ask@quanticslt.com.

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