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Understand the business value of intelligent automation

Value Discovery Workshops

Our Value Discovery Workshops help executive management to understand the business value of Intelligent Automation, both from a strategic and operational perspective. Our value workshops can be tailored to specific roles, such as CTOs and CDOs. The workshops are led by our senior automation experts who have many years of strategic and operational experience.
Value Discovery workshops

IA Impact Workshop

Discover why IA is a strategic enabler while developing a common platform for further discussions around IA business value. An IA Impact Workshop is suitable if you are wondering what Intelligent Automation is; how important it will be for your organization’s further development; or if you want to start a constructive discussion with your management team about the potential impact of IA.

IA Strategy Alignment

Discover the strategic impact of IA on your business and which areas will provide the best strategic fit for development. Strategy Alignment is a good fit if you would like guidance on how IA will impact your organization and enable your strategy. Furthermore, it’s useful if you want to understand how IA can impact your value chain or when you want to scale up automation from one function to a global capability.

IA Potential Assessment

Discover the IA approach to Business Automation and identify the best initiatives to deliver business value. We recommend our Quick Start service if you want to raise automation awareness within your organization and identify and launch an automation pilot that demonstrates IA’s business value. IA Potential Assessment is also useful when you want to gain a practical understanding of the best way to identify IA candidate processes.

IA-Enabled Process Transformation

Discover how you can redefine a business process through IA and learn about the tools necessary to enable transformation. Use our IA-enabled Process Transformation service when you want to understand the role IA can have in process transformation, or if you have complex business processes where automation readiness is low and you want to understand how IA can enable change.