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Capability Development


Quantic Solutions offers various structured customer assessment services to help you assess and evaluate the maturity of your current RPA capability against industry best practices as you progress along your process automation journey.
Quantic Solutions assessments are an efficient and cost-effective way for customers to understand their RPA Capability to review your progress against industry standards to determine your maturity level.

Variety of
Service packages

Our assessment services offer a variety of packages for you to choose from based on your specific needs. All assessments are conducted by seasoned Quantic Solutions advisors who will work with you to plan and manage the execution of the assessments.

The key objective is to help you identify any current maturity gaps within your automation capability and provide recommendations towards building an efficient and scalable Intelligent Automation capability.

What are our
core principles?

Advisory experts bring a broad range of experience and knowledge in supporting and enabling the delivery of process automation at scale with a focus on business value achievement.
Establish an understanding with your senior management team on the vision and strategy of where you want to go with digital transformation, and we will assist you in achieving maximum value.
The Advisory experts primarily analyse your automation capabilities making suggestions for improvements in the direction of meeting their ultimate level of maturity.
Advisory experts will tackle all aspects of building a capability from strategy, vision, governance, and a framework to improving your process automation capability to meet your business needs.

Our assesments

The Capability Scan is ideal if you need a high-level insight of your current automation capability today.
The key objective is to help you identify any current maturity gaps within your automation capability.
Our framework will provide you with an audit of the maturity of your automation capability in the perspective of recommendations for achieving higher levels of maturity

Want to get started?

Assessments are available to all new and existing Digital Workforce customers.
Assessments are eligible for any organisation who is on their automation journey, wanting a tool to assess what you have built around an operating model.
Our advisory team will collaborate with you to create an assessment that aligns with your requirements.
For full details of prerequisites, scope, and planning approach and to initiate any of the assessments you want to know more please book a 30-min meeting.

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